Three Top Rye Whiskies

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As a whisky lover and potentially an expert, you probably already know the impact that a particular grain has in the final product. This has the top influence on the final flavour and taste of each whisky, making it one of the pillars of its production. Rye whisky, in this aspect, is not different from the remaining whiskies. It has a strong history in the USA, especially in the northeastern states, making its way into Canada as well. Although in the United States this whisky contains at least 51% of Rye, in Canada it might not even contain Rye in its production. It has a lot to do with the history of whisky in Canada and the use of its name.

So what does it mean, for you as a consumer, to try a Rye Whisky? What Rye will give a whisky is a more spicy, fruity and playful blend of flavours. The combination of Rye and alcohol heat is a perfect combo creating the perfect spirit. This allows the Rye whisky to be the perfect choice for cocktail recipes. You will find some interesting cocktail recipes in our article No fail, whisky cocktail – Rye with the famous Templeton Rye Whisky.

So now that you know a bit more about this unique type of whisky, let’s discover which ones you should try out.


Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Whiskey

Jim Murray considered the Crown Royal as the whisky of the year of 2016. Produced in Canada, this whisky is made with 90% rye offering a gentle spice note with a soft pepper, vanilla and butterscotch notes.

When you pour this whisky, you will first feel some baking spices, cereal and light wood spices on the nose. Once you sip this whisky you will feel a gentle oak note with a rich butterscotch and spicy vanilla on your mouth. Finally, it will feel smooth and creamy. A unique blend of flavours.

crown royal rye

Sazerac 6 year old Straight Rye Whiskey

Developed in Kentucky in the United States of Americas, the Sazerac 6 year old straight rye whisky offers a blend of corn and rye (51% rye and 39% corn) while the rest is malted barley. Because of this, you will feel the sweet notes of corn in this whisky. Rich spices like nutmeg and clove, heat and black pepper are also some intense notes that this whisky offers due to the incredible recipe combo of Sazerac.

This is considered one of the top rye whiskies in the market due to the whole notes and flavours it offers. A smells of caramel, allspice leather and oak will infuse your nose, following with a smooth taste of cinnamon, vanilla, honey and a touch of brown sugar. Ending this with a smooth and sweet balance of vanilla and honey.

sazerac rye

Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey

The Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey is by far one of the best value ryes in the market. Straight from Kentucky in the United States, this rye offers a mix of spice and vanilla with some hints of fruit and pepper. This makes this perfect for any cocktail recipe as it has a mix of flavours that perfectly combine with other spirits and cocktail ingredients like syrups and fruits.

Unlike other rye whiskies, on the nose, this whisky has a more mild spice smell, together with some sweetness and fruitiness that reminds us of apples. Once you try it, you will feel the notes of vanilla and summer fruits with hints of some darker spices on the background. The finish touch will leave a smooth rye taste. This combination of flavours and notes makes this a unique spirit, with a big recommendation from our side.

old overholt straight rye whiskey

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