A toast to Halloween with Jim Beam


With Halloween fast approaching, you need to get your recipes for the best cocktails, ready. Before diving into the best Halloween cocktail recipes, we will introduce you a very special whisky from Jim Beam.

The Jim Beams Devil’s Cut has a very interesting story, which will leave you amazed and curious at the same time. Its unique bold flavours will also create some interesting cocktails for this Halloween season however; drinking it straight is also a suggestion from Jim Beam.

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

When a distillery ages a whisky in a barrel, a part of it is lost to the evaporation, which is called the Angel’s share. Some of the whisky is also lost as it soaks into the wood. Jim Beam saw this as an opportunity to create something special.

In order to get this lost part of the whisky, Jim Beam takes the barrels of whisky, which have aged for at least 6 years and dump them for blending. With these barrels, they use a proprietary process involving water, mechanical agitation and heat to “sweat” the barrels, extracting the bourbon from the wood. They then add this extract with the previous dumped whiskey of at least 6 years and bottle it as Devil’s Cut.

Taste: Full bodied with an intense oak and vanilla note

Finish: Long, and soft with a touch of sweetness


Spicing up your Halloween with Cocktails

Devil’s Apple Juice

  • 1 ½ part Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon
  • 2 parts fresh pressed apple juice
  • 1 part fresh lemon sour
  • Lemon or apple wedge to garnish

Blend all the ingredients in a mixing glass. After a well mix of the ingredients, serve it in a glass with or without ice. Garnish with the lemon or apple wedge and enjoy.

devils apple juice


Devil’s Manhattan

  • 2 parts Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon
  • 1 part sweet vermouth
  • 1 cherry for garnish

Add the Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon and the sweet vermouth in a glass with ice and stir will. This mixture will give a clever twist to a true whiskey classic. Pour the drink in a cocktail glass and add a cherry for garnish. Enjoy this cocktail with your spooky friends.

devils manhattan

Simple and straight recipes that will allow you to dazzle your friends in this spooky night. Its easy ingredients are also perfect for these colder nights and the apple and the vermouth will warm you straight in the soul.

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