Cardhu 12 years

Cardhu 12 years

Cardhu 12 years

One of the most associated names with Scotch of a medium higher range is Cardhu. This whisky has the Jonnhie Walker seal, but unlike its various labels, this is a single malt. If you are looking for a quality single malt, complex enough and easy to drink, then the Cardhu 12 years is a good option.

cardhu 12 years bottle
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Characteristics of Cardhu 12 years

The 12 year Cardhu is a Scotch to whom many give the nickname “liquid gold”. This is due to its coloration that makes it really reminiscent of this precious metal when joined with ice. But the credentials of this Scotch are not only left by the name or its characteristic color. The 12 year old Cardhu is a whisky that lives up to its name, being the ideal option for all those who want to venture into the world of single malts. Easy to drink, with a simple entrance but over the course of the tasting, it becomes quite complex and interesting.



As mentioned above, this beverage is excellent for anyone who is starting to  know the world of single malts. That is, although at a certain point it shows its complexity, it is a whisky really easy drink and quite tasty. It has a characteristic fruit and honey flavor, finishing with a silky texture and a well marked fruit-y touch. An ice rock with this Scotch will make it softer with a very nice final taste in the mouth.



As for the scents, it is characterized by feeling quite the fruit, honey and malt, still feeling a bit of mint. The 12 year old Cardhu is a whisky with very mild aromas, which accompany its taste very well.

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