Appetizers to pair with whisky

Appetizers for whisky

Appetizers to pair with whisky

There is nothing better at the beginning of a dinner party or a friend’s reunion than good Scotch and some appetizers. While none of each is missing, the conversation will surely last. But what are the best appetizers to pair with whisky? There are foods that harmonize better than others with this beverage.


Appetizers for different whisky


Older Whiskeys

For Whiskies between 18 or 25 years of aging, cheese appetizers are the most appropriate choice. This combination is fantastic, and should opt for harder cheeses. If you wish to pair an evening meal whith whisky, then you should bet on heavier dishes.

Aged whiskies also work well with more full-bodied foods –  the ideal food for this whiskies are pork, more intense cheeses or ham.


whisky and cheese
image credits from Visit Scotland

Blended Whisky

If the Scotch you usually drink is blended in the Speyside region, complex, rich and with fruity and floral tones, then the best appetizers are chocolate, nuts (we recommend chestnuts and walnuts) or dry fruits.

whisky and chocolate
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Single Malt Whisky

For a single malt whisky, the options are quite a few. Any kind of cheese, be it softer, strong or full bodied, but also smoked fish (like salmon), chocolate, some desserts and candies.

For those who are part of a growing group of people who enjoy pairing this kind of whisky with your evening dish, then the tip is to choose sushi or seafood.

whisky and sushi
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Now that you know some of the appetizers or foods that we recommend pairing with a nice whisky, you can try them out with your friends and tell us which one you prefer.  🙂

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