Are You Fond of European Whisky?

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Are You Fond of European Whisky?

The four best-known whisky-producing countries are definitely Scotland, Japan, Ireland and America. All are known for their single malts. Europe is also a player in the world whisky market, mostly because it’s so close to Ireland and Scotland. Most distilleries in Europe are small and they brew other spirits, in addition to creating whisky. For example, it’s not uncommon for a European whisky distillery to produce brandy or vodka, too.

In general, whiskies which are produced in Europe are not intended for mass consumption. Instead, they are meant for smaller markets, such as local markets.

Most distilleries in Europe are younger. One which is located in Spain, called the DYC distillery, is the exception. Producing whisky requires quite a bit of start-up capital, so it is often a challenge for entrepreneurs to begin making whisky. For example, the price of equipment which is necessary for distillation is high, the cost of production facilities is high and a lot of cash is needed in order to obtain materials.

As well, whisky needs to age before it’s suitable to sell to customers. So, the company has to wait in order to make a profit. This boosts the financial pressure.

Whisky must age for three years before it’s legally whisky!

Are You Fond of European Whisky-

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Learning to savor whisky is so much fun. It’s all about swirling it in a glass, checking its viscosity, inhaling its scent (don’t put your face right in the glass – whisky contains a lot of alcohol and its fumes are potent) and taking a first sip. Take the time to swish the first sip around in your mouth. Try to identify the different notes and nuances that you taste. This is a spirit which is meant to be enjoyed slowly.

Whisky is a sensory experience which is hard to match and the best whiskies are amazingly smooth and silky, with a pleasant burn going down.

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