Mackmyra – the Swedish Whiskey

Mackmyra - swedish whiskey

Mackmyra – the Swedish Whiskey

Swedish people have a strong tradition in consuming whiskey. Although not historically a whiskey-producing country, Sweden, has one of the largest ratios worldwide of whiskey consumption per person. As such, it turned out to be natural (and a matter of time) for a distillery to pop up on Swedish ground.

Mackmyra, the country’s only distillery, came out in 1999, offering the only Swedish whiskey in the market, and from what it has shown in recent years, the Swedish whiskey brand is an excellent purchase, having been regularly receiving awards at international whiskey competitions.

So we can say that it is proven that Swedes know how to produce a good distillate, since the Absolut Vodka it is also a success. Even with only a few distilleries, they confer very good quality on the beverages produced.

Mackmyra’s Distillery

Founded in 1999, the Mackmyra distillery began as something small. The 8 founders located the distillery in a region 2 hours away from Stockholm, where the necessary raw material was around and at their disposal, and of course, with the quality they were looking for. The experience went well and eventually they expanded the distillery only after 3 years. Today this distillery produces high quality Swedish whiskey, offering six different expressions.

The company also offers a very interesting and quite impressive service. If you ever visit this distillery know that it is possible for you to create your own swedish whiskey. With the guidance, advice and supervision of the whiskey specialists, it is allowed for any whiskey lover to create a unique and personalized whiskey with the features that are of each person’s preference. Then each year you will receive one or more bottles of the swedish whiskey you created. How cool is that?

whiskey mackmyra - swedish whiskey

Features of Mackmyra Whiskey – Aromas and Flavors

Although there are 6 different expressions, all with different features, there are some of them common to all, being the core of the Swedish Whiskey. The main aromas are vanilla, nuts, honey and juniper. The flavors are characterized mainly by new oak, vanilla and spices.

The features of the Swedish whiskey Mackmyra are very influenced by their northern character, being this distillery the northernmost distillery in the world. It is definitely a whiskey worth trying.


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