How to Pick the Best Whiskey of the Month Club

here's how to pick a whiskey of the month club

Your love for whiskey doesn’t die at the month, so why would want to stop buying it? Since you’re going to purchase bottles anyway, why not join a Whiskey of the Month Club to save some money?

Whether you’re a connoisseur or a collector, it’s the most frugal option. It’s also a great way to sample new recipes and try rare labels. So, use these tips to pick out the best one or else you’ll miss it when we all say, “Cheers.”

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What is a whiskey of the month club?

A Whiskey of the Month Club is designed to help you treat yourself better…on a regular basis. When you sign up, the seller sends you a wide variety of different whiskeys from around the world. Each month, you get full-sized bottles and even receive some brand-related swag from time to time.
5 things to consider before signing up:

Despite the temptation, you shouldn’t sign up for a Whiskey of the Month Club until you’re confident about the subscription. All boxes are different, and that means you’ll have some homework to do.

  • Get higher-grade bottles by considering these 5 important things before spending your money:
  • Brand Affiliations – Not all whiskey of the month clubs have access to the good stuff. Only exclusive clubs let you choose in-demand bottles at special prices. So, look at a few past shipments and then read reviews from other customers to find out what you’ll get.
  • Quantities – You may think you’re getting a good deal but end up paying more and getting less. So, compare quantities while considering quality. It’s much better to spend more on products you’ll actually enjoy.
  • Variety – Good clubs always offer many different bottles and flavors to sample each month. Don’t lock yourself into a boring subscription just because you think that’s how it works. Variety is the spice of life and whiskey.
  • Customization – You should have the option to tailor your monthly shipment in several ways. So, play around with shipment dates and club perks to find the perfect setup.
  • Pricing – The cost of your monthly membership shouldn’t be your only concern. Still, it should play a role in your final decision. So, pick the option that’s most affordable or look for clever ways to save money.

Also consider things like the bottling dates, the shipment methods, and the customer service available. Contact each company directly for more detailed information about their club structures.

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The pros and cons of joining a Whiskey of the Month Club

Carefully comparing clubs is the best way to find what you want. And since they’re not all the same, it’s also smart to look at the pros and cons of getting one. After all, you’ll soon be the owner of some really great bottles of bourbon. That’s a big responsibility.

So, before you start signing up to your favorite Whiskey of the Month Club, think about this:



  • You get regular shipments of whiskey right to your door;
  • Membership can usually be canceled at any time;
  • Shipping is sometimes free with membership;
  • Customers can tailor their shipment dates and club perks;
  • Most shipments are covered against damage by the merchant’s insurance;
  • You find brands and flavors you won’t find in stores;
  • Buying through a club can help save you money.

OVERALL: This is the most convenient way to sample or stock up on high-quality whiskey at bargain-basement prices.


Already have a whisky subscription? Check out these tips to make the most out of it:



Regular shipments mean regular withdrawals from your bank account.
There may be a small activation fee or a charge for cancellation.
Shipping costs aren’t always covered in the membership.
Bottles could get damaged in shipping.
Insurance for shipping may cost a premium through some clubs.
Not all WOM clubs are money-saving.

OVERALL: There’s a lot of risk involved and you have to stay on top of your subscription to really enjoy it.
There are ups and downs with everything in life, but at least you get to have some fun when you take a chance on a whiskey subscription box. Be sure to read the bylines so that your chances of getting ripped off are slim to none.


The final verdict

A good Whiskey of the Month Club isn’t hard to find. It can be tough to pick out though, so choose wisely because you’re in for a monthly bill when you sign up. The good news is that you can usually cancel your membership at any time. The bad news is that you won’t be receiving new whiskey bottles anymore if you do.

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