SaarWhisky: Germany’s Award-Winning Distillery

Several expressions from the Saarwhisky distillery

Are you a whisky aficionado? If you enjoy tasting whisky from all over, we have a brand to recommend you: SaarWhisky – the German Whiskey you should, definitely, taste.

This German distillery is one of the best in their area, and for a good reason. In this article, we are going to discuss who SaarWhisky is, what products they sell, and what services they offer to the public, putting them on the map of whisky lovers all around the world.


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  1. The SaarWhisky Distillery
    1. The SaarWhisky production process
  2. The SaarWhisky Expressions
  3. Saarwhisky Services

Church in Stuttgard, where the SaarWhisky Distillery is located


The SaarWhisky Distillery

SaarWhisky is a whisky distillery and distribution company that specializes in single malt products. This company is well-known to locals and all around the world for its top-of-the-line products and services.

The SaarWhisky distillery is located in Stuttgart, Germany. This specific location is considered to be one of the largest manufacturing locations in this part of Germany. Here you are going to find tons of whiskey brands and distilleries that get tons of attention from tourists and locals alike.

Although the company isn’t even ten years old, it is still one of the most popular places to go when looking for great-tasting spirits and well-designed, personalized bottles.

SaarWhisky imports its products from many distilleries all over the world, from inside Europe to multiple places outside of it. You can find their products for sale from the U.S to China and everywhere in between, making it a highly sought-after brand.


The SaarWhisky Production Process

Whisky is made from the distillation of a variety of “cereals,” which gives each product its own unique taste. You can choose from products such as malt, barley, corn, wheat, rye, oats, or rice.

Single malt is often made from barley and must be stored in an oak barrel for a minimum of three years. The barrels require at least a 40% volume of alcohol with a max volume of 700 liters in the barrel.

Many of the whiskey bottles sold by SaarWhisky have been imported from prominent distilleries all over the world, with the largest retailers coming straight from Scotland.
A line with oak barrels

The SaarWhisky Expressions

SaarWhisky comes in many different flavors and strengths, meaning you can purchase a flavor that is appealing to you. However, the company has received awards for its specialty whisky, which is well-known for its peaty whiskey and smokey taste.

SaarWhisky is a professional and reputable distribution company that only provide the best products to their customers. Each barrel brought into the company is taste-tested by the knowledgeable staff, guaranteeing each one provides quality alcohol suitable for serving.

While the company is best known for its single cast bottling and toasted barrel whiskey, they also sell a variety of other whisky options as well.

What is Single-Cast Bottling?
A single cast bottling is (as it sounds) a single bottle of whiskey that comes directly from the barrel without any additives such as dyes or additional cooling filtration. This type of drink contains the same percentage of alcohol as the rest of the barrel and has a smooth and delicious taste.


Saarwhisky Nº10 Bottle of SaarWhisky nº10

Aged for 12 years, the Saarwhisky Nº10 is the best-seller of the brand and part of their Celtic Imagery range, represented by the cuneiform script meaning “Ten”. This Single Malt German Whiskey is a cask strength matured in Ex-Bourbon casks and comes from Speyside.

The imagery on the bottle’s label recalls the Tree of Life, symbol associated with the cycle of life, in which life and death go hand in hand in a spiral that never ends. One can also see that the roots of the tree take the shape of a crown, which links heaven and earth. The balance present in these two sides of the label reflect the expression perfectly, since it brings together floral and fruity notes with another more complex flavours.

The Brand’s Tasting Notes

Apple; Pear; Plum; Quince; Peach; Cherry; Mirabelle

Round, long finish


Bottle of Saarwhisky Matallurgical Gold SaarWhisky Metallurgical Gold

Coming from the Islay, one could not expect this expression to not be a peated whiskey. Being a single cask and a cask strenght, as well as matured in ex-bourbon casks, this SaarWhisky expression is punchy, as it was intended to be.

Having the coal mining and a metallurgical era as background, this expression is the reflection of what those times resemble: heat, smoke, toughness and power.

The Brand’s Tasting Notes

Dominant smoke; Pepper; Cinammon; Malty context; Forest berries; Light Vanilla; Phenolic touch



SaarWhisky Gruwehewwel Bottle of Gruwehewwel, from the Saarwhisky distillery

This Single Cask and Cask Strength expression from the SaarWhisky distillery was already considered a high pitch dram: in 2016, the whisky got 96.5/100 points in Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible. This peaty and full-bodied german whiskey was created to honour the mining background in Saarland, which activity is documented to exist there since the 15th century. The name of the expression – “Gruwehewwel” – is also what was called to the miners at that region.

The Brand’s Tasting Notes

Smoke; Phenols; Vanilla;

Full-bodied and round; Water brings the peat even more alive.


Bottle of Saarwhisky Schwenker SaarWhisky Schwenker

As the previous expressions from the Saarwhisky Distillery, the Schwenker expression is a single malt, single cask and cask strenght, and matured in ex-bourbon casks. It was also aged for 11 years and has a lot of spice within its character.

This whisky was inspired by food, specially barbecues and the continuous panning around that type of meal. And, since panning is a crucial part of it, SaarWhisky created the snifter glass that allows you to do almost the same with this dram.

The Brand’s Tasting Notes

Sweet; Smoke; Bacon.

Sparkling and round; full of rich flavours.


SaarWhisky Malzbeisse Bottle of Malzbeisser, a whisky expression from the saarwhisky distillery

A rough dram for daring people. The Saarwhisky Malzbeisse, or “Malt Bites” in english, is a single malt matured in ex-bourbon casks for 8 years. As it is usual with this brand, the peat is strong with this one.

The Brand’s Tasting Notes

Malty and smoky.


Bottle of SaarWhisky GruweFreund SaarWhisky Gruwefreund

A little twist about this brand is all about, the Gruwefreund is a much lighter spirit, made as a Vatted Malt and aged in sherry hogshead for 8 years. This single cask and cask strenght expression was brought from Orkney and its fruity and lightly peated aromas contrast with each other, while never getting out of balance.

The Brand’s Tasting Notes

Pear; Quince; Peach; Peat.




SaarWhisky Invergordon Bottle of Invergordon whisky, from the SaarWhisky distillery

The SaarWhisky Invergordon is the most expensive bottle of this german whiskey brand. It is a Single Grain whisky aged for 43 years in single bourbon casks with a cask strength take. The expression was brought from Invergordon, at the scottish Highlands, and that distillery is specialized in creating grain whiskies.

The Invergordon dram from Saarwhisky was bottled without chill filtration, making it to have a smooth and complex overall character.

The Brand’s Tasting Notes

Fruity and sweet; Dark Fruits, pears and vanilla; Quince, dark chocolate and coffee;

Buttery finish.


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SaarWhisky Services

First and foremost, SaarWhisky is a distribution center packing and packaging products to send off to stores, restaurants, and people all around the world. However, they are much more than that.

This distillery and spirits company provides commercial services, private cask services and even has its own moonshine distillery, offering many different options to all.


Commercial Services

SaarWhisky puts a lot of time and effort into importing the most delectable tasting barrels in order to bottle them, label them, and ship them out to their customers in the commercial world. These services include but are not limited to,

Import of exclusive spirits from third countries-Searching all around the world for the best products to package and distribute based on preference and need.

  • Spirits production – This company produces products on sight and also has its own moonshine distillery.
  • Selection and storage of whisky barrels – Barrels are privately selected and professionally stored on sight with proper care taken until bottled.
  • “Finishing” of the distillates (i.e, sherry, oloroso)- Finished are added to some options providing personal touches to each “specialty bottle.”
  • Reduction of the barrel strength to desired drinking strength – Alcohol strength is diluted on-sight to please individual tastes and orders.
  • Creation of own recipes and blends – SaarWhisky has a bunch of company recipes and blends and will also create personalized flavors per customer requirements.
  • Sample service – SaarWhisky provides samples for tasting, this can be done on-site or upon request.
  • Label and packaging – Professional packaging and label designs created for all customers. Labels can be created for the buyer, or the buyer can produce their own designs and provide them to the company.


Private Cask Services

For anyone after more than just a single bottle of personalized whisky, SaarWhisky also allows companies and private customers to purchase and specialize their own barrels.

Whether you want a large barrel of personalized whisky for special occasions or you are considering starting your own business, you can buy products by the barrel customize them to your taste.

SaarWhisky is also willing to provide their knowledge to help you choose the best barrels for your needs.



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