The Final Whiskey Toast to the New Year

We are almost there. Just a couple of hours to go until we enter 2019. We are sure all your plans are done for your New Year’s party however; there is never too many recipes for your New Year’s toasts!

For this reason, we have been giving you plenty of recipes for you to use and in this edition; we will give you the final ones. Get your gear ready because this New Year party will dazzle everyone around you!




  • 8 oz. Bourbon (of your choice)
  • 6 oz. Noilly Prat Rouge vermouth
  • 1 tbsp. fresh orange juice
  • 4 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 4 orange twists
  • 4 fresh cherries

How to

In a mixing glass, combine the bourbon, vermouth and the Angostura bitters. This makes four recipes so divide it into 4 ice-filled rock glasses. Garnish each glass with an orange twist wrapped around a cherry,

Citrus-Irish Whiskey Punch


  • 13 oz. Irish Whiskey (of your choice)
  • 13 oz. strong black tea
  • 4 oz. fresh orange juice
  • 4 oz. fresh lemon juice
  • 4 oz. Oleo-Saccharum
  • 7 dashes of Angostura Bitters
  • 1 ½ tsp. fresh grated nutmeg, plus a bit more for garnish
  • Lemon and Orange wheels for serving

How to

In a large bowl, combine the whiskey, tea, orange juice, lemon juice, Oleo-Saccharum, Angostura Bitters and 1 ½ tsp. nutmeg. Cover and let it chill for 3-8 hours. Strain into a punch bowl and add the lemon and orange wheels and 4 cups of ice. Serve it in cups covered with ice and nutmeg.

Hard Cider Spritz


  • ½ oz. Rye Whiskey (of your choice)
  • ¼ oz. Aperol
  • 4 oz. dry hard cider
  • 1 ½ oz. apple cider
  • ¼ oz. fresh lemon juice
  • Club Soda (for serving)
  • Apple slices (for garnish)

How to

Combine the hard cider, apple cider, rye whiskey, Aperol and lemon juice in a rock glass filled with ice. Top with the club soda and stir gently. Garnish with the apple slice and enjoy!

We hope these recipes have help you create the most amazing New Year party!

May your glasses raise and toast to an amazing 2019!

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