The Irresistable Allure of Whiskey Subscription Boxes

When you truly love something, you want to get to know every possible aspect of it. And, there may be no one more passionate about something than whisky aficionados. But, having the opportunity to experience a wide variety of rare whiskies from around the world is something that many have never though would be an actuality.

Some whiskies can actually be quite pricey, leaving them out of range for many who would love to just be able to say they’ve tried them. But a whiskey subscription box brings that once out of reach drink into the hands of those whisky lovers who long to experience all of the complex flavours of whisky that each country offers.

Subscription boxes have become a quite common thing, allowing people to receive products, based on what they are interested in, directly to their door on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. These products can range from everything including dog toys to underwear and now, whisky. Whiskey subscription boxes give lovers of the bevy tasty samples each month that they may never be able to get their hands on otherwise, either because of the cost or the availability.

When you’re looking to try a new whisky, one of the first things you may consider is the price tag. Purchasing from a store means you’ll need to invest in a whole bottle if you’re hoping to try even just one ounce. When you’re trying a new whisky, you’re making a blind investment that may or may not pay off in the end. The cost of a single bottle can be a huge deterrent in a whisky lover trying a large variety of brands to find their favourites.

With a subscription, however, this wouldn’t be a factor, as subscribers would be given a variety of samples to try. The need to invest in an entire bottle they may end up not enjoying is gone, and they can enjoy smaller samples at their leisure and decide which they love and want to have more of.

Because the need for commitment to purchasing an entire bottle, which may be costly, is gone, those who subscribe to whiskey subscription boxes can indulge in samples of various ages and brands before narrowing down their favourites. The selection of whiskies is enormous, and can be overwhelming, but when you’re able to have a sampling of some of the available whiskies from around the world, it makes choosing your top picks that much easier.

Distance and location can also play a huge factor in the whisky selection available. That factor is eliminated when you have the chance to get a subscription box delivered straight to your door. Filled each month with whiskies that would otherwise not be available in your area, you essentially become a part of an exclusive club of whisky connoisseurs.

A whiskey subscription box is a fantastic idea for those seasoned whisky lovers, looking to sample something they may never have even heard of and expand their pallet, but also for those new to whisky who are looking to explore what’s out there before settling on a favourite brand.

Because they’re able to gain exposure to so many incredible flavours and brands from around the world, these subscription boxes open up new and exciting opportunities for whisky lovers to taste things they may never otherwise had the opportunity, without having to invest the cost of each full bottle.

Whether as a gift for someone else, or giving it to yourself, these sample subscription boxes are a wonderful way to continue to receive all year long, delighting and surprising each month. In fact, nothing could possibly be better than arriving home from long day at work to find a box of whisky samples from around the globe waiting at your doorstep.

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