Whiskey Flavors

Whiskey Flavors

Everything you need to know to really appreciate the distinct whiskey flavors and every offering

Every single whiskey on the planet from every brand, every company, and every distillery – and even every single whiskey from every single batch – is an entirely different animal all unto itself, with different whiskey flavors, a different whiskey personality, and a completely unique person that you be able to savor and enjoy.

A lot more goes into whiskey than simply tossing it back as a quick shot or dumping it into a glass with all kinds of mixers and fruit, muddling the flavors and ruining the very essence of a top-notch offering.

If you want to experience everything that they distiller wanted you to experience in a single whiskey offering, you’ll want to learn how to unleash all of its nose, all of its body, and all of its flavors – and that’s exactly what we are here to help you with!


Settle on whiskey to try out

The first thing you’re going to need to do when you’re getting ready to sample all of the unique flavors and body that a particular whiskey has to offer is to settle on a whiskey to try out in the first place!

You’ll have no shortage of options to pick and choose from, with whiskey being one of the most popular spirits available on the planet today. Here at Whiskey Flavors we are a whole host of different sample bottles every single month in an effort to get you more exposure to different kinds of whiskey then you might have tried to otherwise, and that’s a great way to sample different styles of whiskey before committing to a full sized bottle.


Secondly, you’ll need specialized glassware to really unlock whiskey flavors

Sure, you can sit back and shoot whiskey out of any old-fashioned shot glass – or straight out of the bottle, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous – but if you want to expose yourself to all of the “hidden” and more subtle whiskey flavors that some of the top options on the market today have to offer you want to get yourself some specialized whiskey glassware.

A rock solid whiskey tumbler will do a great job if you are looking for something basic, something utilitarian, and something classic to sit back and relax with a glass of whiskey. Elongated Sherry glasses with a stubby little step, however, will help you to unlock some of the flavors that would have otherwise been lost – just because of the way the glass is shaped and designed to funnel aromas and flavors to your nose and to your mouth.

It might sound a little “out there” at first, but believe it or not the right glassware can make a world of difference when you’re trying to pick up on subtle whiskey flavors.


Start off neat, add a splash of water, and finish up with a single ice cube

No matter what, you’re going to want to start off tasting your whiskey neat – whiskey and only whiskey in the glass – to really open yourself up to the whiskey flavors and the aromas that the distiller wanted to be upfront and in your face right out of the gate.

After a couple of sips of whiskey neat you’ll want to add a splash of cold water (adjusted a couple of drops) to lower the alcohol level, to release the hydrophobic flavor and aroma elements, and to get “behind-the-scenes” into some of the more subtle whiskey flavors every offering has to bring to the table.

Finally, you’ll want to finish off your whiskey sampling with a single ice cube (never drink whiskey on the rocks but you can get away with drinking it on a SINGLE rock, if you will). This will further dilute the whiskey, cutting down its alcohol level and mellowing out the finish while opening up and releasing a couple of other flavors that would have stayed hidden.

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