Whisky Myths Unveiled – Part 3

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Whisky Myths Unveiled – Part 3

In this third article about the whisky myths, we will uncover some interesting and sometimes unknown truths or lies about the world of whisky. It is unbelievable how this incredible spirit has a variety of different personalities depending on where they come from, who produces and the processes used. Even the smallest of changes might give the whisky some new and extraordinary flavours and aromas that will delight you. Whether you choose to drink it straight, on ice or on a cocktail, you will always find this spirit unique and special.

Let us find out the myths of today and curiosities around the whisky world.


Only men drink whisky

When we thing about whisky, some people imagine a private men’s club, with an intrinsic smell of cigars and leather seats where only older man go. A place where they come together to discuss private topics such as politics, women, or even about life. That concept could not be more wrong and the reality is quite far from it.

There are so many varieties of flavour profiles, aromas and tastes making whisky appealing to both men and women. Some varieties give you a sense of sweetness, fruity aromas, vanilla notes, or even coffee and anise. Influenced by its casks, ingredients, weather and even the aging period, every whisky is unique and different.

The different ways to drink whisky also appeals to a variety of different genders or aging groups making this spirit unique and diverse.


If it’s more expensive, then it’s better

For most drinkers they will be happy to know that this is not necessarily true. An older whisky will be more expensive than a younger whisky, and the reason for this is due to the extended time in the casket. This does not mean that you will enjoy it more as its aromas and flavours might not match your palate.

Some well-recognised brands will also have a price tag different from the smaller whisky makers. A bit of research or the trial of different whiskies will allow you to understand a bit more of which one suites your palate best. Knowing also the whiskies aromas and flavours will make you a better connoisseur of you whisky type.

In our articles, we give you insights on different brands, blends and regions allowing you to have a guide on the varieties that you can find in the market.


Never add water to whisky

This is not entirely true. We normally recommend adding water in single cask whiskies however; this should be moderate.

The addition of water helps release more aromatic components in the whisky as the alcohol in it will become more mellow. This helps to uncover some of its hidden flavours. If you add too much water, then those aromatics and flavours might become over-diluted and thus loose its essence.

This is clearly a personal preference and should only be made if you wish to uncover come hidden and interesting flavours.

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