World’s Best Whiskies in 2017 – Part II

World’s Best Whiskies

World’s Best Whiskies in 2017 – Part II

Let´s take another close look at the best whiskies in 2017! Today we want to focus on Single Pot Sill whiskies, blended limited releases and blended whiskies!


World’s Best Single Pot Still Whiskey: Redbreast 21 Years Old

A Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, which is also the oldest expression of Redbreasts. The full bodied whisky is an excellent choice  for everyone, who doesn´t like smoke. The Irish whisky surprises you with a sweet taste, that consists out of fruity apples and mangos. Cinnamon, cookies and pepper give you a warm and pleasant feeling, while enjoying the whisky.


World’s Best Wheat Whisky: Bainbridge Battle Point

An organic wheat whisky from a small island in Washington State. It smells like an autumn day in the forest. Sweet maple, saw dust and cinnamon sticks makes the whiskies nose very pleasant. The full-bodied whisky has a sweet and rich taste without any flavors of peat or smoke.

World’s Best Whiskies
image credits from Visit Scotland


World’s Best Rye Whisky: A D Laws Secale Straight Rye Bottled in Bond

This rye whisky ages in charred oak barrels made out of American oak. The whisky is from Colorado and reminds you of a warm day in the countryside. Sugar, fresh cereals, apples, peaches, ripe prunes and a hint of cinnamon are the main aromas and flavors, that you can smell and taste.


World’s Best Corn Whisky: Ironroot Hubris Corn Whiskey

American corn whisky from Texas. The nose has aromas of of grilled corn, sweet vanilla and smoke. Pepper, cloves, vanilla and oak give the whisky a hint of sweetness. Dark chocolate and more smoke dominate the whiskies finish.World’s Best Whiskies


World’s Best Blended Limited Release: JP Wiser’s Dissertation

Curious fact:

JP Wiser’s Dissertation is a whisky distilled by a PhD. Fruits such as green apples and crunchy pears come along with honey and subtle notes of oak.


World’s Best Blended Whisky: Suntory Hibiki 21 Years Old

A Japanese blend, that surprises you with interesting contrasts! Caramelized nuts, lemon, black currant and creamy toffees dominate the nose. The taste is even more intense, buttery and a little smokey.


Did you ever try one of the worlds best whiskies? Are you curious, to learn more about whisky? Order a tasting box and try some of the worlds best whiskies in your own home!

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