The Best Whisky in The World – 5 Awarded Drams

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When the annual International Whisky Competition announced the awards for 2021, Dewar’s Double Double 21-year-old whisky won as the best blended. The smooth taste and great balance of flavor are what make this whisky outshine the others as the best whisky in the world.

However, when it comes to naming the best whisky in the world, every consumer has a different opinion. After all, there are a variety of whiskies to choose from and everybody is looking for something different in a bottle. There are many unique flavor profiles in different whiskies, making it such an interesting choice of beverage.

If you’re curious about what the best whiskey in the world is, you’ve come to the right page. We’re going to go over the best choice of whiskey and some other top contenders that you should know about. Keep reading for more information.


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  1. What is the Best Whisky in the World?
    1. World’s Best Single Malt
    2. World’s Best Blend
    3. World’s Best Pot Still
    4. World’s Best Bourbon
    5. World’s Best Tennessee
  2. Other Picks for Best Whisky in the World
  3. Picking the Best Whisky in the World


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What is the best whisky in the world?

According to World Whiskies Awards, the best whisky is Dewar’s Double Double 21-year-old whiskey, regarding the Blended Whisky Category. This whisky is known for its ultimate smoothness and a delightfully rich flavor that dances on the tastebuds with the first sip. Dewar’s Double Double 21 stands out because it captures the perfect mixture of complexity and balance in the flavor notes.


The Best Single Malt Whisky In The World

The Glenallachie 10 Years Batch 4

GlenAllachie is currently the best whisky in the world, in the Single Malt Category

As this expressions was created by chance, the award of Best Single Malt Whisky was not. The Glenallachie is a balanced, but quite complex scotch that trully deserved the gold medal in its category.

It is also the cask strength that gives it the punchy flavour, since it is matured for ten years in Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso Sherry Puncheons; and a mix of Virgin Oak and Rioja Casks.

  • Aromas – Light of honey and oak, as well as dark chocolate. One can also smell almonds, cinnamon and orange in it.
  • Flavours –  The flavours of this scotch whisky is more punchy than the smell. It is possible to taste sweeter and spicier notes such as dark chocolate, honey and almonds, caramel, white pepper, cinnamon and cloves.





World’s Best Blended Whisky

Dewars Double Double 21 Years is the best blended whisky in the world

Dewar’s Double Double 21-year-old Blended Scotch Whisky

What makes Dewar’s Double Double 21 the best whisky in the world? Like any good whisky, this question can’t be answered in one sentence. There are many characteristics of Dewar’s Double Double 21 that make it the top choice. To really explain why this blended scotch whisky is the best, we need to break it down into a few important categories.

  • Aromas – The sweet scent of honey swirls around those to lure the drinker in with curiosity about the flavors. There is a slight smokier note as well, that reminds many connoisseurs of smoked pork or ham. That is finished off by the sweet smells of peaches, pineapple, and citrus fruits.
  • Flavours – The main flavor that stands out in this whisky is sherry-soaked figs, satana, and a dash of sweet citrus. People also pick up on a nutty flavour that is similar to cashews. What makes this whisky really unique flavor-wise is that there is a slight leather flavor that stays mellow. It doesn’t overpower the whiskey but adds a unique dash of taste. Like every good whiskey, there is also an underlying hint of spice.



World’s Best Pot Still

Bottle of Redbreast 21 years old

Redbreast 21 Years Old

The redbreats 21 Years Old was awarded the world’s Best Pot Still and the Best Pot Still Irish Whiskey. And truth is, it was earned. The Redbreast created a complex expression that is sold since 1939 and produced in small quantities. Since then, it is usually perceived as the best irish whiskey expression.

This dram is made from either malted and unmalted barley and matured in ex-bourbon casks, as well as oloroso casks.

Aromas – Highly aromatic and fruity. Pineapple, apples, peanuts and sultanas; ginger and other subtle spices.

Flavours – Spicies and fruity notes. Grapefruit, chocolate and a leather mouthfeel. Hints of vanilla and peaches, as well as oak.





World’s Best Bourbon

Bottle of WL Weller CYPB

WL Weller CYPB

Buffalo Trace Distillery is the world’s most award winning distillery and, as such, it produced the World’s Best Bourbon, chosen by the International Whisky Competition: the WL Weller CYPB.

This Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is much more than a carefully crafted dram. It is the final result of a whiskey drinker consensus the brand promoted a few years ago. They asked what the perfect bourbon would be and the public answered: wheated bourbon, aged for 8 years and with 95 proof.

Aromas – As a wheated Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, the sweeteness is very present. One can smell caramel and butterscotch, as well as a hints of floral and citrus notes.

Flavours – Buttery feel and overall sweet. There are notes of vanilla, caramel, peaches and citrus in it and the finish is warm with almonds and cinnamon flavours.



World’s Best Tennessee

Bottle of the awarded George Dickel Bottled in Bond Tennessee Whiskey

George Dickel Bottled-in-Bond

First released by George Dickel in 2005, this expression is still being awarded year after year it is lauched to the market. The Bottled in Bond 2021 release was aged for 13 years and it is the biggest batch since its first appearance.

This Tennessee Whiskey was already awarded as “Whisky of the Year”, by Whisky Advocate, and was one of the top-rated American Whiskey in 2019, by Wine Enthusiast. With 100 proof, this is a bold but harmonic expression you don’t want to miss.

Aromas – The nose is nutty and sweet, with notes of pecan, honeydew, light maple syrup.

Flavours – Although the nose is sweet, the taste of George Dickel Bottled-in-Bond is not that sweet. There are notes of nuts and toasted oak, caramel and pecans as well as apple and berries. The finish is dry, with butterscotch and tobacco flavour notes.



Other picks for best whisky in the world

Whisky is one of those drinks where there is something for everyone. While Dewar’s Double Double 21-year-old has won the World Whiskies Awards’ pick, some whisky drinkers may not choose it as their top whisky. Even different media companies will list different whiskies as their top picks.

For example, has mentioned Four Roses Single Barrel as their pick for the best whiskey in the world, whereas Town & Country has named Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight bourbon whiskey as their top choice. Even popular website Luxe Digital had a different best whisky choice with Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1990 Single Malt Whisky.

When World Whiskies Awards chooses the best whisky in the world, they put whiskies into several categories. Blended is the most common whisky consumed, and Dewar’s Double Double 21 won that award. Let’s take a look at some of the World Whiskies Awards best picks:

  • Best limited edition blended whisky –Ichiro’s Malt and Grain
  • Best blended malt whisky – Chivas Regal Ultis
  • Best Canadian blended whisky – Royal Canadian Small Batch Canadian Whisky
  • Best corn whisky – Ironroot Republic Hubris
  • Best flavored whisky – Birddog Peanutbutter Flavored Whisky
  • Best grain whisky – Native Grain Weeping Grass
  • Best new make whisky (young spirit) – Boann Distillery New Make Pot Still Spirit
  • Best rye whisky – Lot No 40 Dark Oak
  • Best single barrel bourbon whiskey – Tumblin Dice Bourbon Single Barrel, Barrel Proof
  • Best single cask single malt whisky – Spey From Speyside Distillery
  • Best wheat whisky – 291 Colorado Whiskey Batch 7


Picking the best whisky in the world

When it comes to naming a whisky as the best, everyone will have a different opinion. Even browsing through lists of “Best Whiskies of 2021” (or other years) you’ll notice that every list has different names mentioned. This can leave a lot of people feeling perplexed as to what the actual best whiskey pick might be.

Even the World Whiskies Awards have multiple categories for different whiskies to get recognition. Since every whisky drinker has a different opinion on which one really is the best, there are a few things you as a whisky enthusiast should pay attention to when picking out the best:

  • The quality of the ingredients;
  • Enticing aroma with a powerful flavor;
  • The flavor should be an equal mix of complex and balanced;
  • Great whiskeys have character that you recognize with every sip.


Final thoughts

What is the best whisky in the world? The winner of the best whisky in the world is Dewar’s Double Double 21-year-old whiskey. This whisky has earned a lot of great reviews and has left a positive impression on the people who have tried it.

However, when it comes to choosing the best whisky, we know that everyone has a different opinion. One of the most important aspects of a whisky is that it is complex and balanced with flavor. Dewar’s Double Double 21 manages to be perfectly complex and balanced with every sip.


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