What is No Age Statement Whisky?

no age statement whisky

What is No Age Statement Whisky?

Normally, if you go to any nearby whisky shop or bar, the math in terms of pricing is done in a very simple manner. The older a bottle of whisky is according to the label, the more you pay! The same goes for other spirits and for red wine as well. If any kind of drink is quite old, the average consumer assumes, that it tastes better, than a beverage, that aged for just five or ten years.

But what does it actually mean, if the label on a bottle of scotch says “10 years”? To clear things up: It just means, that the youngest of all the spirits in the bottle, aged for ten years. Since most whiskies are blends – and some are being blended together using 40 different expressions – there might be some whiskies in your bottle, that aged for 18 years. Or even longer. Bottom line: The number on the label doesn’t tell you anything about the actual age of the whisky. There is one exception though and it is called “single barrel” whisky. If you buy a bottle of whisky online or in the shop, that is being labeled as “single barrel”, every single drop of the spirit aged in the exact same barrel.


No Age Statement Whisky

Imagine you invite guests to your house and everyone takes part in a whisky tasting. First you serve a bottle of 12 year old scotch. After you bring out the big guns and open a bottle of 30 year old Irish. Chances are – no matter, which whisky actually tastes better – your guests gonna appreciate the Irish more, since they know its older age. What we are talking about here is basic whisky psychology. The self fulfilling prophecy of spirits if you want to use a little bit of behaviorism.

Imagine, the two whiskies would not have a label, that provides any information about the age. Do you think, your guests would still prefer the Irish? Maybe. Maybe not. At least they would be forced, to rely more on their senses and less on their stereotypes. So here you got the explanation of NAS whisky: Basically take a nice blend of whiskies and sell it, without sharing the age of the whisky! Instead of stating age, make NO age a statement!

no age statement whisky
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Age is just a number?

NAS whiskies have been a big deal in the whisky world during the last decade. Even though collectors, who invested their money in high prestigious old whiskies might be upset, real whisky lovers appreciate the whisky, that is more than just a bunch of facts. Besides that: Even if you buy a No Age Statement whisky online or receive it as part of our monthly subscription box, there are still some ways to figure out, if the particular whisky might be for you. Important hints are the region, the distillery and even the color (is there any artificial color added to the whisky?


Famous No Age Statement whiskies

Lately a lot of NAS whiskies won gold or even double gold medals. Very famous awarded whiskies are for instance Aberlour A’bunadh, Glenmorangie Signet, Ardbeg Corryvreckan and Wemyss Malts Spice King.


Did you every try a No Age Statement whisky? Which one is your favorite? Or do you prefer to know the age of your scotch, Irish, or french whisky? Write a mail or leave a comment! We want to hear your opinion!

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