The Macallan Fine Oak 12 Years

macallan fine oak 12 years

The Macallan Fine Oak 12 Years

When someone talks about scotch, Macallan comes right to our minds. This distillery founded by Alexandre Reid, is well known for the high quality, and some of the most expensive whiskies worldwide come from this distillery. In 2004 Macallan launched the Fine Oak expression, where the whisky is aged in American barrels, contrary to every other expression ever produced by Macallan. This expression is more affordable and it revealed a nice surprise, having the same Macallan personality.


The Macallan Fine Oak 12 Years – Features

With the creation of this expression, Macallan stopped using the famous slogan indicated that their whiskies were exclusive aged in sherry. The personality of the whiskies produced in the distillery did not diminish with this new Fine Oak expression. With a natural color (obtained without the addition of caramel) and full-bodied, this scotch reaches the goal of offering a nice quality beverage for whisky lovers, even without the luxurious elements of the original expressions.


Aromas and Flavours

This is a very complex Scotch whisky, offering various aromas, which are accentuated with the addition of water or ice. So, you can smell cut grass, vanilla, oak, fruit and a slight smell of spices. With the addition of ice, this Scotch gets fresher, and at the same time, oak and spice aromas stand out. Adding a little water, the aromas become even more intense.

This is a scrumptious scotch, fruity, light and with a slight spicy taste, ending with a finish between medium to long. With ice, this drink becomes a little spicier, and at the same time, fresh. By adding water, the flavors intensify.


This is a Scotch whisky with excellent value for money, allowing lovers of this drink to enjoy a genuine Macallan for a relatively low value.


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