Vicomte Single Malt – a French Whiskey

vicomte french whisky

Vicomte Single Malt – a French Whiskey

French whiskey is on the rise. Due to their special features, related to the use of Holstein stills, and the fact that they have a huge variety of barrels at their disposal, French whiskey is increasingly a beverage to be taken into account by whiskey lovers. After all, it’s not just in Scotland that you find good whiskies. One of the most interesting whiskeys produced in France is the Vicomte Single Malt.

vicomte whisky

Features of Vicomte Single Malt

Vicomte Single Malt is a very special whiskey. One reason has to do with the fact that the barley used is 100% organic. In fact, it is also grown and harvested in the region of the distillery. However, this is not the only interesting feature of this French whiskey. Vicomte Single Malt is aged for a minimum of 8 years in barrels previously used to age cognac. So naturally, it is a whiskey with strong flavors similar to the traditional French distillate.



All whiskey produced in this country has a very fruity character, unlike all other whiskies in the world. When you feel the aromas of this whiskey, you realize that immediately. Vicomte Single Malte has strong notes of banana, apricot and orange.



As far as flavors are concerned, Vicomte whisky does not escape its standard features. Therefore, when you take the first sip, you will taste figs, citrus fruits and caramelized apple. In addition to these more fruity flavors, you will still be able to identify the distinctive caramel flavor.


If you would like to know a whiskey very different from the others you are used to, then the Vicomte Single Malt is an excellent option. Give it a chance and you will be surprised.


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