Kornog Tourb̩ Whisky РFrench Whisky

Kornog Tourbé - French Whisky

Kornog Tourb̩ РFrench Whisky

As we talk about whisky produced in France, a name stands out because it has such unique and different features. The French whisky Kornog Tourbé, produced by the Glann Ar Mor distillery , brings very special flavors, far from the fruity character that usually marks the whisky produced in French territory.

The Glann Ar Mor Distillery

Founded in 2005 on the coast of French Brittany, more precisely in Pleubian, Côtes-d’Armor, the Glann Ar Mor Distillery produces two ranges of French whisky. The difference between them is the use of peat. While the Glann Ar Mor whisky does not contain any, the Kornog expression, in other hand, uses peat to confer the smoky flavor that is so characteristic of Scotches. The French whisky Kornog Tourbé is the smoked version of the whiskies produced in this distillery, being therefore a stronger and intense beverage. When it was founded, this distillery aimed to recover the identity of the single malts. Now, looking at the whiskies produced here, the truth is that purpose has been achieved.


Features of Kornog Tourbé

The French whisky Kornog Tourbé is an ideal beverage for the consumers that like most intense whiskies, with a smoked froth. Without any addition of water and aged for 3 years in American oak barrels, it is characterized especially by its strong peat flavor. Due to its great concentration of peat, Kornog Tourbé is quite smoked, but you can still find citrus and fruity flavors and aromas with notes of marzipan. It’s a whisky whose taste is quite pleasant, increasing in potency as the drink lingers longer in the mouth.


This is a very surprising whisky, a bit different from the rest. Have you ever tried any French whisky brand?

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