5 Scotch Whisky Brands You Should Know

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Scottish Whisky Brands

There is something special about the hefty aromas and distinctive peaty qualities that run through a good aged Scottish malt. Continue reading this article to discover more about the best scotch whisky brands.


Introduction: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Every man dies, not every man truly lives.

While we doubt that Mel Gibson’s William Wallace was thinking about a nice single malt when saying this line in Braveheart, I think it certainly applies when we talk about Scotch Whisky.

Not every man truly lives unless they taste the nectar of Scottish aged barrels. While blends can certainly be delicious, and the Irish style of multiple distillations creates a wide, round breadth of flavor – none of them quite match the most delicious Scotch whisky brands.


Several scotch whisky brands are present in pop culture tv series


James Bond and Harvey Specter both help themselves to a Macallan Single Malt, aged 18 years (and costing nearly 400 dollars a bottle!). Tony Stark can be seen tucking into a Laprohaig 17-year Single Malt throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jessica Jones might not go for the finer scotch whisky brands, but she still relies on a lovely Scotch Whisky Brand blend – Ballantine’s – for a bit of release after some high-octane superhero investigation.

We all collectively winced when thousands of dollars of single malt scotch were destroyed in the later seasons of the Walking Dead – including a delightful bottle of Balvenie Double Wood (which was extra painful for sure).

Scotch, and their distinctive bold profiles, have long been associated with class, style, maturity, and pure grit in our popular culture.

If like us, you are enthralled by the Scotch whisky’s sumptuous mouthfeel and subtle, nuanced flavor notes, then read on as we explore the best kind of Scotch Whisky brands to drink for the average consumer.

Be warned: these whiskies can be expensive, but if you get them on our site, you might well save top dollar on some fantastic drinks!


What are the most delicious Scotch Whisky Brands?

This list of Scotch Whisky brands will primarily be dealing with a selection of delicious single grains and malts from Scotland – as blends are not traditionally the remit of Scotch whisky (and a whole article on its own could and should be spent discussing the various delicious blends that are out there).

As you will discover in this next section where we talk about different compositions of whisky dependent on location – whisky is “multitudinous” (to quote Macbeth).

In Scotland, the flavor, mouthfeel, color, and overall body of the precious liquid is largely defined by where the whisky is made. The three most common areas for whisky making are the Highland, Speyside, and Islay areas of Scotland, with others hailing from the many surrounding islands.


Highland Park

Hailing from one of the many tiny islands of Orkney, Highland Park is made among the blistering winds of the highlands and islands area of Scotland. Forged among the harshest environments, Highland Park’s warming peat tones and smoky, hand-malted barley crafts a distinctly wholesome, hearty flavor profile.

Get to know the Highland Park 12 years expression!


Highland Park 12 Years
image from Jason’s Scotch Whisky Reviews



Popularized recently by actor Nick Offerman, Lagavulin delivers a mighty peaty whisky. This is one of the scotch whisky brands described as the best in the world (especially by the actor, who has his own signature series of the whisky), Lagavulin contains layers of flavor that melt over each other in rich, smoky waves. Hailing from the notoriously peaty and complex Islay area, the Lagavulin signature 16 year is not for the faint of palate.



This Scotch Whisky brand has already been mentioned earlier in this article, for good reason. It is seen destroyed in the Walking Dead, and if I were setting up an apocalypse shelter to last me after the end of the world: I would bring a Balvenie. Everything about this Speyside classic is done in house: including bottling, malt, and wood smoking.

Wood is what separates Balvenie from its competition. The brand is more willing than most to experiment with wood, and it shows in its diverse range of beautiful whiskies.


Explore the wonders of the Balvenie 12 years!



The classic sign of corporate prestige, the Macallan costs as much as it does for good reason. 200 years of work has built the Macallan Distillery to where it is today, and that effort, class and premium flair is obvious in the Speyside classic.


Discover the Macallan Fine Oak 12 years Tasting Notes  

Bottle of macallan 15 years


An incredible, smooth dram that swirls a nuanced vortex of flavor before trailing to a peaty finish in the aftertaste. All of this is coupled with a delightful price tag that will not break the bank. The ten year is a lovely, affordable drink from the Island regions, the only scocth whisky brand hailing from the gorgeous Isle of Skye.

Skye features in a famous Scottish lullaby, and its whiskey is what dreams are made from. Moving more premium, you can find the Talisker 18-year, which was named the “Best Whisky in the World” back in 2007.

A talisker whisky bottle and a tasting glass with scotch on it

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