Whisky Tasting Subscription – 4 Expressions and So Much More!

You have probably heard of monthly make-up subscription boxes or grocery subscriptions, but have you heard about any whisky tasting subscription? Well, get excited because they exist! They are the best new way to expand your palate and try all different types of whiskies and whisky paraphernalia!

Here at WhiskyFlavour.com, we are all about creating high-quality subscription boxes to send to our customers. Our customers are people like you who want to get the most out of their whisky-drinking experience. We understand that you do not just want to drink whisky. You also want to understand all the flavors, undertones, and aromas of the dram you are having. For you, it is not just a drink; Whisky is an experience.

You can have the best experience because our whisky tasting subscription are carefully and thoughtfully curated.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Whisky Flavour Whisky Tasting Subscription
    1. What you get with this Whisky Tasting Subscription?
    2. How does the Subscription Service Work?
    3. Picking the Whiskies
    4. About the Delivery

person holding a glass with whisky that came in a whisky tasting subscription

The Whisky Flavour Whisky Tasting Subscription

What you get with this Whisky Tasting Subscription?

In each Whisky Flavour subscription box, you will find at least four carefully selected miniature whisky bottles. Occasionally, you may receive more than four miniatures, but you can expect a minimum of four bottles in each box. These are original branded whisky miniatures, so you know you are tasting the real deal.

After the whisky bottles themselves, we like to offer various additional items as a treat for our clients. For example, you may receive selected chocolates or snacks that pair well with the flavours or aromas of the whiskies. Or, you might receive glassware that is made specifically for drinking whiskys, such as Glencairn glassesor even rustic cork coasters! We also have sent whisky stones to our clients in the past. All of the items in the Whisky Flavour boxes are original brands, so you know you are experiencing something unique and new.

We also have an online store exclusive to people who signed up for our whisky tasting subscription. In that store, you will find the full bottles of the whisky you have tasted. And, here’s what makes it special: their price is below the average on the market.

And, last but not least, all of these items are packed in a beautiful reusable wooden box that you can use to store the remainder of the whisky after you begin to taste them to help preserve the flavor of the beverages.

Whisky Flavour Tasting Box

How Does the Subscription Service Work?

Whisky Flavour offers several different subscription plans, so there is a whisky subscription for anyone who is looking for one. You can choose from one, three, six, and twelve-month whisky tasting subscription plans.

For example, those who are crazy about their love for whisky and want to invest in a whisky subscription box for a long time might choose a twelve-month subscription service. On the other hand, if you are interested in trying the Whisky Flavour subscription service before committing to a longer subscription, then the one-month subscription might be perfect for you!

Keep in mind that the longer the subscription, the more unique the whisky will be.

Sign up for our Whisky Tasting Subscription!

Picking the Whiskies

With the Whisky Flavour Subscription, only we get to pick the 4 miniature you are receiving. And we know this may seem a shot in the dark for you, but we can ensure you several things:

  • Our miniatures are original branded;
  • We include whisky from different parts of the world, as it happened with Black Whiskey, Langatunand Armorik, for example;
  • We include either the classics and the top-notch whisky expressions anyone should taste at least once in a lifetime;
  • We keep track of the previous boxes sent to you, so you don’t get the same whisky expression twice.

Besides this, we accept requests in terms of flavour, type of whisky, age, etc. So, if you just want to receive smoky whisky, for instance, you can email us and we will do our best to deliver what you requested.

We use this selection process so that you can find and enjoy the whisky that speaks to you the most from a spread that we tailor to you. By doing this, we hope to introduce our customers to new flavors that they have not experienced yet and satisfy all the whisky qualities that they already love!

4 whisky miniatures from the Whisky Flavour Tasting Subscription

About the Delivery

You can expect one whisky tasting subscription box to come every month for the duration of your subscription plan. So if you sign up for a six-month subscription plan, you will receive a total of six boxes over six months. Think of it as a monthly gift to yourself!

On the topic of gifts, this subscription can also be a Whiskey subscription gift! All you have to do is sign up for the subscription duration that you want the gift recipient to receive the tasting boxes for, and contact the team at Whisky Flavour so that we can package the subscription box as a gift!

We ship our subscription boxes worldwide, so wherever you are living, you can get amazing drams monthly!

Additionally, you can track your order after it has begun the shipping process. We only use registered mail delivery services, and we notify you once the box has shipped so that you can set up a chair by the door and eagerly wait for your tasting box!

If something goes wrong during the delivery service, all you have to do is reach out to the team at Whisky Flavour, and we will help you the best we can!

Our Whisky Flavour subscription tasting boxes are a great way to enjoy the drink you love while learning more about how to pair your whisky, what whisky you like, and how to study the intricacies of the flavors and aroma of this fine beverage.

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