Japanese Whiskey Rarities – Karuizawa Distillery

karuizawa distillerie

Japanese Whiskey Rarities – Karuizawa Distillery

Japanese whiskey is fashionable. Although its history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, only in recent years Japanese whisky starts to have the fame it deserves.

As such, if you have only heard of Japanese whiskey in recent years, know that for almost a century this country has produced excellent distilled beverages. Throughout these years, there have naturally been some distilleries that have emerged and others that have disappeared. One that no longer exists today, Karuizawa, is a legend in the world of whiskey. Their whiskies are authentic rarities.


Karuizawa distillery – the legend


Inaugurated in 1955, near the active volcano Mount Asama in Miyota, the Karuizawa distillery has always been synonymous with quality. For more than four decades, he produced Japanese whiskey until he had to close doors in 2001. In the period in which it was active, this distillery had four stills, importing all the barley used in the production from Scotland. Another characteristic of this Japanese whiskey is the fact that it aged in sherry barrels.


With the closure of the distillery, their bottles became collector’s products due to their rarity. In recent years, the last bottles of Japanese whiskey from this distillery have been put up for sale and are therefore available to enthusiasts of rarities and quality Japanese whiskey aged at least for 20 years.


Some of the rarities of Japanese whiskey you can find for sale:


– 1992 Karuizawa Single Cask (approximate value of 4000 €)

– Karuizawa Noh 28 years (approximate value of 5000 €)

– Karuizawa Noh 31 years (approximate value of 5000 €)

– 1981 Karuizawa Cask No 8309 ((approximate value of  7000€)


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