White Oak – Japanese Whisky

white oak japanese whisky

White Oak – Japanese Whisky

Eigashima distillery is one of the most interesting names regarding the tradition in whisky production in japan. This distillery brings a certain fascination to the Japanese whisky history, and produces a few single malts and high quality blends, even though the production process happens only one month a year.


The Eigashima distillery

The Eigashima distillery was founded more than a century ago and started by producing shochu and sake, which are still the base of all its production. Many years later, when the production of Japanese whisky was rising faster and faster, Eigashima also started with its own whisky production. In 1984 started to produce Japanese whisky named White Oak. During the first two decades, all the whisky produced was blended, but from 2007 the distillery began producing single malts. Nowadays, the brand White Oak integrates three expressions – the single malt Akashi, the Akashi Blended and the Tokinoka Blended.


white oak japanese whisky expressions
White Oak Expressions


White Oak Whisky

The distillery that produces the White Oak whiskies, located in Akashi city, has a very unusual feature: it only produces whisky once a year. Besides, this distillery honors and uses the antique Japanese traditions of whisky production. The same happens for the other beverages they produce and sell.

The whisky White Oak is made with carefully selected malt and barley from Scotland and of great quality, and it is used the same water used in the production of shochu and sake. The oceanic climate of the region where the distillery is located provides a very distinct profile when compared with other whiskeys produced in Japan, giving it a unique and original imprint.


If you are looking for an original Japanese whisky with personality, one of the White Oak expressions will be a pleasant experience.

Have you ever tried any of the White Oak’s expressions? Let us know in the comments.

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