Japanese whisky – the distilleries

japanese whisky distilleries

Japanese whisky – the distilleries

If there is a hyped whisky right now, being recognized with very high quality, is certainly the Japanese whisky. With a rising production and top quality, whiskies produced in Japan have an increasingly high demand, especially by the whisky lovers that are more rigorous about standards of quality.

japanese whisky distillery yamazaki
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The japanese whisky distilleries

With a centenary history, Japanese whisky is lately conquering the market of whiskies. Having received important awards and the distinct classification by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible as the best in the world in 2015 (and also, a japanese whisky made the top 5 in 2016), Japanese whisky took effectively its place on the beverage’s market. As such, naturally exists a big production trough out all of the country.

japanese whisky distilleries map
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Some of the main whisky distilleries in Japan are:


Yamazaki – First Japan’s distillery located near Kyoto, in the main island of Honshu, it is property of one of the most known Japanese whisky’s brand, Suntory.


Hakushu – this distillery is also located in Honshu, and Suntory’s property as well.


Shinshu – this distillery is Hombo’s property although it is located near the first two.


Yoichi – located in the Hokkaido Island it is property of Nikka, one of the distilleries responsible for successfully implementing whisky in japan.


-White Oak – located in Hyogo it is prperty of Eigashima Shouzou.


Miyagikyo – Nikka’s preoperty, its located near Sendai’s city.


Fuji Gotemba – this distillery is located near the Mount Fuji, one of the biggest refernces of Japan. It is Kirin’s property.


As you see, there is a great and interesting variety of distilleries in Japan, with clear reflection on the diversity and quality of whisky produced here.

Do you have a favourite japanese distillery?


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