Dewar´s scotch: History and an interview with one of our subscribers

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Dewar´s scotch: History and an interview with one of our subscribers

Dewar´s is a traditional scotch brand which was introduced in 1846. John Dewar Senior –  the  creator of the brand – started his business with the help of his sons.  Until today the scotch is being produced in Dewar’s Aberfeld Distillery, close to John Dewars birthplace in Perthshire, Scotland. It became a brand of international importance by the later 1890s. The brand gained popularity, when  Andrew Carnegie sent a sample of Dewar´s whisky to  Benjamin Harrison, when he was inaugurated as 23. president of the USA in 1889. Since 1997 the Scottish brand belongs to Bacardi.  During the more than 150 years losting history the brand won more than 500 medals. That makes Dewar´s has  the most awarded whisky blend ever. Additionally it is one of the top sellers in the USA.

Expressions of Dewar´s

Until 2017 the brand offered 6 different expressions. The most famous is the white label, that was created in 1899 by the brands first masterblender  A.J. Cameron. Another expression is  Dewar’s Scratched Cask. It was  released in 2015 and offers a smooth taste, which reminds of American bourbon. Dewar’s 12 – 12 years old, created by masterblender Tom Aitken, received several international prices and is a a favorite of many whisky critics. Dewar’s 15 – 15 years old was created by the first female Master Blender Stephanie Macleod. The whisky tastes like raisins and is  a blend consisting out of more than 40 singular expressionss. Dewar’s 18 – 18 years old, first released in 2003, created by Master Blender Tom Aitken consists mostlz of Aberfeldy whisky. It tastes sweet and contains flavors of cacao, nuts and spices. Last but not least Dewar’s Signature – First created in 2003 by Master Blender Tom Aitken contains the finest single malts Scotch whiskies available. The whisky is smooth and contains flavors of fresh cream and honey.


An interview with our subscriber Joachim

Our team from Whisky Flavour was curious about your experience and your taste.  So we decided to interview  a receiver of a whisky subscription box, who tried one expression of Dewar´s.  His name is Joachim Terbeck and he is located in Viersen, Germany.


WF: Hello Joachim, nice to chat with you! How are you doing?

Joachim: Thanks for the invitation, and yes I am fine!

WF: Let´s get straight to the point Joachim: You signed up for a whisky suscription and reecived a bottler of Dewar´s?

Joachim: Yes, that´s correct. I received a miniature of Dewar´s White Label and tried it during a Whisky tasting in my home.

WF: Can you try to describe  your first impression?

Joachim: Well, sure.  The scotch got an intense, golden color. I served it without ice or water, beacuse i wanted to get an authentic impression. The aromes are pretty light. They reminded me of yellow fruits, maybe flowers and a hint of malt

WF: The same goes for the flavor?

Joachim: It tastes quite fruity and sweet. I can distinguish between yellow fruits, honey and some bitter flavors. The aftertaste is medium long.

WF: So what is your verdict?

Joachim: Ok, that´s highly subjective of course. I personally prefer smokey whisky and for a special occasion the Dewar´s white label would not be my scotch of choice. It is a nice everyday whisky though. I think next time I either try it on the rocks or gonna enjoy it as a whisky cocktail.

WF: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with you Joachim! Have a good day and cheers!


What are your thoughts about the different expressions of Dewar´s? Share your opinion with us! If you want joins us for an interview or send us a review of your last whisky tasting! And don´t forget to sign up for a whisky suscription box!



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