How to Buy a good Whisky – the begginner’s guide

How to Buy a good whisky

How to Buy a good Whisky – the begginner’s guide

For a connoisseur, buying a quality Irish whiskey or Scotch is not a difficult task. They already know the best brands and the best whiskies, and in general, know what brands have the most value for money. However, for someone who has not much knowledge about it, choosing a whisky, whether it is as a gift or to enjoy at home may not be a simple task.


How to buy a good whisky?

A good bottle of whisky is always a gift appreciated, especially by men. So, if you want to buy a quality whisky to offer or for yourself to enjoy, there are some points that you should pay attention to make a good choice.

There are several factors that will influence the flavor, aroma, color and quality of the beverage itself, and each one will give a very specific taste to the whisky.

So it can be difficult to choose from all the ranges and types, and that’s why we present a few tips to help.


Tip #1 – Choose the category of whisky you want to buy

Whisky can be divided into several categories, such as blended, single malt or pure malt. For those not familiar, these names do not say much but they are crucial and they influence the taste. So you understand that, in order to choose a nice whisky that fit into your preferences, you have to know the meaning.

A blended whisky results from the mixing of various malt whiskies, resulting in a soft drink and with a combination of flavors. But the single malt is made only with malt, and so is purer. There is also the pure malt whiskey which is also produced only on malted barley, but through more stages.

In general, the single malt whiskies are considered more valuable, and thus have a higher price. But a good blended whisky can be of exceptional quality, and some of the most renowned in the world.


Tip #2 – Choose where it is made and the region

There are now several countries producing good whiskies, and not only in Scotland, Ireland or the United States. However, even within each country, the differences are very significate, having different flavors and aromas, that result of specific natural features of each region, and also the vegetation used for smoking. For example, while in the Irish whiskey is frequently used a mixture of unmalted barley, in Scotland is widely used barley malt. In the United States is used a mixture of very different types of grains, including corn, and Canadian whisky is made with rice.

So you can see how the origin of the whisky will greatly influence the flavor and aroma of the drink.


Tip #3 – Choose the aging (and set a budget)

At the end of analyzing the previous two points, it’s time to look at the price of each bottle. You can easily notice that the more age a whisky has, more expensive it will be. If you don’t want to spend a large quantity of money, there are amazing choices as well in the category of whiskies with an age inferior to 15 years. From 15 years up, the prices tend to rise.

So, if you do not have any preference when choosing the age of a whisky, define your budget and search for one with an age that fits.


Do you have any tips of your own you would share with us? Leave in the comments your suggestions! 

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