Russian’s Irish Whiskey

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Russian’s Irish Whiskey

For centuries, the world’s largest country, Russia was well known for its love for Vodka, which has helped the population warm up during the long cold winters. It is even said, that Vodka has helped shape the country’s course of history influencing its religion, politics and economic fate for hundreds of years. Described as the “water for life”, it has a staple upon the recognition of its consumption within Russia and previous Russian empire.

Nowadays, however, there has been a slight shift and interest in other spirits such as whiskey. There has been an increase not only in consumption but also in awareness when it comes to this drink in both economic and social level. Russian distilleries started looking into the whiskey consumption and exportation in more depth in 2008 when Scottish whiskey had a rise of 48% in exportations worldwide.

Praskoveya Winery

One distillery in particular, Praskoveya Winery known for its high quality alcoholic beverages such as Wine, Vodka and Cognac, has had a special interest in this market. The Praskoveya Winery was stablished in 1898 receiving numerous awards for its high-quality products, since. Nowadays it is one of the largest wine makers in the Stavropol region and one of the largest Russian companies to reach international markets with wineries and vineyards in France.

What has allowed the company to have a continuous growth has been the continuous and stable quality standards, and traditional methods used in the production of its products, innovating where and when necessary in order to reach market needs.

With the experience and expertise of more than 120 years, the Praskoveya Winery decided to invest on a new type of spirit, one that required a knowledge and a familiarity not yet known within Russia.

Praskoveya’s director, Boris Pakhunov believes that “Whiskey, like cognac, is a natural, professionally made, high-quality drink.” The strategy of entering the market of high quality whiskies in conjunction with the use of Irish production methods allowed the Praskoveya Winery to develop the Praskoveyskiy Whiskey since 2009, which was compared by many whiskey professionals to the well-known Jameson Whiskey.

This selection is not however, a direct competitor of the Irish or Scottish market due to the size of its production. It is known that on average a distillery in Scotland produces around 30 million litres of whiskey per year, while Praskoveyskiy whiskey is developed in smaller quantities for a more niche market supporting mainly the Russian market needs.

Praskoveyskiy Whiskey

Three varieties can be found within the Praskoveyskiy whiskey family – Whiskey 3 years old, 5 years old and 6 years old. Their production methods differs from year to year however, all of them are developed based on the technology used by the traditional Irish makers mixed with the knowledge and experience of Praskoveya’s cognac production methods. As per so, a unique blend is made joined by years of expertise in the spirit beverage market.

Three-Year-Old Praskoveyskiy Whiskey

With an indulgent and harmonious flavour and easy tones of endurance, this 3-year-old whiskey is kept in sustained oak barrels developed by a single factional distillation. The use of perfect barley follows the original methods done by the masters in Ireland.

russian whisky Praskoveyskiy 3 year

Five-Year-Old Praskoveyskiy Whiskey

A balanced taste with a complex bouquet with tones of aging creates a harmonious flavour in the five-year-old whiskey. The whiskey is kept in oak barrels after being prepared twice by a fractional distillation using selected barley.

russian whisky Praskoveyskiy 5 year

Six-Year-Old Praskoveyskiy Whiskey

Uniqueness in flavour with a soft and easy tone of endurance creates a pleasant yet subtle taste to this six-year-old whiskey. The aging in oak barrels allows its tones to be harmonious with a touch of elegance offered by the perfect barley, which is developed by the centuries-old traditions of Ireland. A single fractional distillation is used when developing this whiskey for a more tuneful taste.

russian whisky Praskoveyskiy 6 year

Russia World Cup 2018

In lights of the FIFA World Cup 2018 taking place in Russia, we introduce you to a new and intriguing whiskey, born in the land of the famous Vodka. While sipping this unique twist of flavours and aromas, your favourite match will have a mix of familiarity and curiosity bringing you back to the origins of this incredible drink. A true experience for all the whiskey lovers out there.


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