The Langatun “brothers”

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The Langatun “brothers”

In the whiskey world, there’s a growing room for producers outside the Britain islands. Besides the traditional north-American productions, there’s a growing number of distilleries in non-European countries, and not only that: they produce whiskey of quality. One of these countries is Switzerland. Learn more about the history of the Langatun distillery and the characteristics of “brothers” Langatun Old Bear and Langatun Old Deer.

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Though it’s been not long since the Swiss whiskey came to the spotlight, the history of the distillery that produces Langatun Old Bear and Langatun Old Deer is much older. In 1857, Jakob Baumberger was responsible for a beer production in a village called Langenthal. This place was known before as Langatun, and that’s where the name of the whiskey comes from. Jakob kept on making beer and distillates, was well succeeded with it and later on his children maintained the business. Besides making alcoholic beverages, the Baumberger family cultivated the cereals to do so.

By the 20th century the business faded away and stayed gone until 2007, when one of Jakob’s grandchildren brought back the tradition and started to produce Swiss whiskey, but also vodka, rum, bourbon, etc. When it comes to the Swiss whiskey of this distillery, there are two drinks: Langatun Old Bear and Langatun Old Deer. Next you’ll be presented with the main features of both.

The Langatun “brothers”

Just like all brothers, the two Swiss whiskey brands of the Langatun distillery have some similarities and also features that make each one of them unique and distinct. While Langatun Old Bear is a Swiss smoked whiskey, Langatun Old Deer is not smoked. Learn about the specific features of each one of these Swiss whiskeys. Check it out.

Main features of Langatun Old Bear

The Swiss whiskey Langatun Old Bear is a smoked whiskey, aged in hulls of Châteauneuf-du-Pape red wine. So this is a drink with a very distinct and interesting flavor.

  • Aromas

In this Swiss whiskey, we notice aromas of fresh wood, berries, candied orange and a small touch of spicy. We can also feel the scents of honey and smoke creating an interesting and complex combination.

  •  Flavors

This is a Swiss whiskey with a strong personality, where you can feel the sweet and the smoked in a strong flavor. We can also feel the red berries in our mouth, a touch of red wine, sweetness and a strong taste of caramel. It ends slowly, bitter at first with a touch of herbs, but then it gets sweet and very smoked. It’s a very interesting whiskey in our mouths.

Main features of Langatun Old Deer

The Swiss whiskey Langatun Old Deer, unlike it’s sibling, is a whiskey made without the classic smoke. It’s a single malt with triple distillation, coming from non-smoked barley. It’s aged in hulls of Sherry and Chardonnay. Learn next about the scents and flavors you can feel with this Swiss whiskey.

  •  Aromas

This Swiss whiskey presents a very floral scent, with a touch of red berries. Very pleasant.

  • Flavors

About the flavors, in this beverage you can feel vanilla, raisins, fresh fruit and oak wood. It ends very softly, with a touch of walnuts.

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