Whiskey Health Benefits

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This might just be the best article ever! Today we will tell you why you should drink whisky. However, like everything, you should drink whisky in a moderate way.

We all know the benefits of drinking a glass of red wine per day. Therefore, why does no one tell us the benefits of drinking whisky, sometimes? It is made out of cereals, so just because of that it already seems healthy enough.

Here is a couple of reasons why whisky is good for you.

Weight Loss

Normally we associate drinking heavily with the development of a “beer belly”. Also, it is often associated with the loss of muscle tone. This is completely true. However, if you drink in a moderate way, this does not have a massive impact on your weight.

Whiskey has absolutely no fat and very little sodium. It contains calories and carbohydrates in the form of alcohol. If defined as simple sugars that are quickly broken down to use this small amount as energy for your body. For this reason, instead of enjoying several pints of beer have a couple of neat whiskeys instead. This will help you maintain your weight and enjoy a good time.


Scientific studies have shown that drinking whiskey can boost your cognitive performance and reduce the chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Note however, that these are ongoing studies and there is a bit of controversy regarding alcohol as a treatment or a preventative method.

These studies proofed that whiskey can reduce the mental decline however; it should be enjoyed in a moderate wat. Too much alcohol kills brain cells and does the opposite to protecting the cognitive activity.

Heart Health

Several studies, along the years have showed that whiskey is an important player in protecting the heart health. These studies have proofed that who consumes a moderate amount have almost 50% lower chance of experiencing a stroke or a heart attack.

Blood Clots

Continuing the above statement, whiskey also reduces blood clotting. Several diseases in conjunction with blood clots are extremely harm to the health and might lead to death. Whiskey is described as a blood-thinner so it significantly lowers the chances of excess clotting. This drink also increases the amount of “good” cholesterol, which counteracts the effects of “bad” cholesterol.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is currently one of the major causes of deaths around the world. Because whiskey has high levels of ellagic acid, it has a powerful antioxidant compound that is good for us. Antioxidants is a compound that neutralizes free radicals, which are the cause of a wide range of diseases, including cancer. For this reason, whiskey is an effective preventative measure against many diseases. This however, is only true if consumed in a moderate way.

Enjoy whiskey, in a moderate way

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