Bringing Whisky to your dishes – 3 recipes

recipes with whisky

Bringing Whisky to your dishes – 3 recipes

When we talk about drinks used in a dish or recipe, whisky is certainly not the first to come to mind. More commonly used in cocktails, whisky is increasingly used as a beverage paired with food. However, and although it seems unlikely, this beverage can produce fantastic results when used as an ingredient in certain dishes.

In this article we will tell you 3 recipes where whisky is the key ingredient used to compose a complete meal – starter, main course and dessert.


Starter – Prawns al Ajillo with Whisky

You will need:

– pre-cooked medium-sized prawns (adequate the amount for the number of people you will be serving);

– juice of a lemon;

– two cloves of garlic;

– black pepper;

– fresh Oregano or parsley;

– 50 ml of Whisky, preferably 10 years or more;

– olive oil and salt.

whisky flavour garlic prawns with whisky
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How to prepare:

Start by peeling the prawns. Then season with pepper, lemon juice and  two crushed cloves of garlic. Bring a frying pan to heat and pour some olive oil and then the  prawns. Stir and when golden add the salt and then whisky. Let it cook for a few minutes until the shrimp is on point. Turn off and sprinkle with oregano or parsley.


Main course – Filet Mignon Medallion with Whiskey Sauce and Rustic Potatoes

You will need:

– one large medallion per person (at room temperature);

– cream (one package);

– an average onion;

– 5 tablespoons of whisky;

– one large potato per person;

– salt;

– pepper;

– Rosemary;

– olive oil;

– butter.

whisky flavour filet mignon whisky sauce
image credits from pinterest

How to prepare:

Begin by seasoning the meat with salt and pepper. Then, place the frying pan over the heat and when it’s hot, drizzle with a bit of olive oil and a tablespoon of butter. Place the medallions and let both sides get some brown colour, then pour the Whisky. After pouring the whisky, throw a lighted match to flambé. After the fire extinguish, remove the medallions and place them in the already heated oven and let stay for 10 minutes.

For the sauce, simply add the chopped onion in the same frying pan with the juices of the meat and whisky and leave to heat for 5 minutes. In the end just add the cream and adjust the seasoning.

Cut the potatoes into strips with peel. Season with pepper, salt and rosemary, drizzle a small amount of olive oil and roast in oven.


Dessert – Whisky Ice Cream

You will need:

– 150 g of sugar;

– 2 dl of cream;

– 3 eggs;

– a shot of whisky;

– sponge fingers

– chopped almond

– liquid caramel

whisky icecream
image credits from pinterest


How to prepare:

Start this recipe by beating the egg whites and whipping the cream. Set aside. Then add the yolks, sugar and the whisky in a bowl and stir until all is mixed and smooth. Mix thoroughly the 3 previous preparations. Line a large, deep bowl with the sponge fingers and the caramel drizzled on top. Then pour the cream and take it to the freezer until the next day. To finish it is enough to decorate with the chopped almonds and the caramel. Delicious.


Voilà! Here you have a whole meal you can prepare on your next dinner party, just in time for the festive season!

Hope you try them and if so, please share your thoughts with us and photos on social media, as we will love to see your creations! Do you have more recipes with whisky? 

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