Dalmore 12 Years

Dalmore 12 years Bottle

Dalmore 12 Years

Dalmore is one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland, with its meadows, forests and swamps, attracting animal life. But apart from being a region worth visiting for its natural features, Dalmore is also the stage for one of the most interesting distilleries in all of Scotland.


The Dalmore Distillery, founded in 839 by Alexander Matheson, had a happy start to life. This is because the choice of venue was perfect. The peatlands of the region, the pure waters of the Alness River and the proximity to the region with one of Scotland’s finest barns, are more than enough reasons to be a prime location. And of course their whiskies are also of great excellence.

Damore Distillery
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The Dalmore 12 years is a very interesting choice. At a very reasonable price for this range of Scotch whisky, it is in fact a complex beverage that will appeal to the most discerning critics.

dalmore 12 years bottle whisky flavourAromas

As we mentioned above, this is a complex whisky, not only in the flavors, but also in its aromas. These are characterized by being dry, spicy and strong, with a touch of spices. Initially it is simple, with a strong presence of alcohol. But over time, it begins to open up. Initially with a smoky aroma and cinnamon, and then, brown sugar, bitter chocolate and citrus fruits. If you add a little water, you can still smell the  vanilla. With ice, the aroma is characterized by being softer and fruity.



Although initially a bit bitter, with some numbness in the tongue, soon its complexity begins to reveal itself. Well-bodied, ends persistent and long, with a hint of cinnamon and citrus. The addition of water and ice does not change the taste; it simply makes this Scotch smoother.

Have you ever tried any of the Dalmore’s expressions? What are your opinion on this brand of Scotch?


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