The Top 12 German Whiskey Distilleries

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Germany is a country known for their production of fermented and distilled, such as beer and schnapps. But that’s not all that shapes Germany in terms of alcoholic beverages. German Whiskey Distilleries are starting to pop up in this country and we’ll tell you all about it in this article.

German traditions revolve around beer production so much that one of the biggest festivals in the country is a beer festival that already has celebrations in other countries: The Oktoberfest. That’s probably the reason why the “German Whiskey” words put together sound odd. However, whiskey production and spirit distillers in German territory are not new. In fact, this is one of the countries in the world with the most distilleries.

Get to know a little more about German Whiskey Distilleries and the story of distilled spirits in Germany.

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German Whiskey Distilleries – An itinerary

  • Ziegler – Located between Frankfurt and Nuremberg, this is the distillery that produces Aureum German Whiskey;
  • Sonnenschein – Düsseldorf distillery also known for their vodkas;
  • Slyrs – One of the most well known german whiskey distilleries, that is located in Bavarian region, between Munich and Austria;
  • Rothaus – Located in the Dark Forest, between Freiburg and Switzerland, this distillery has a main production of Single Malt Whiskey;
  • Rabel Berghof – This German Whiskey distillery is located near Stuttgart;
  • Liebl – Distillery located in the Bavarian region, near the Regensburg, most known for the Coillmór German Whiskey;
  • Höhler – This Hesse distillery focus their efforts on rye, wheat and corn whiskey;
  • Hammerschmiede – German Whiskey Distillery located in Thüringen, in the Harz mountains;
  • Gruel – Located near Stuttgard, this distillery is specialized in Grain Whiskies.
  • Blaue Maus – One of the German Whiskey Distilleries with a great range of brands available;
  • Blackwood – A Stuttgard distillery that produces german whiskey since the 1980’s;
  • Bellerhof – Located between Köln and Frankfurt, this is a small distillery that produces german whiskey since the 1990’s.


The German Whiskey Distilleries and the German Spirits

As seen in the previous list, Germany has a huge number of distilleries and, therefore, an even higher number of distilled beverages’ brands.

For centuries Germany produces a huge number of alcoholic beverages. Besides the beer production, which began in the 15th Century, in Germany it is possible to find production of several popular beverages such as schnapps, brandy, liquors, spirits, among others. Just by looking at beer production, one can see how big is the production of fermented and distilled drinks in this country.


Get to know more about The History of German Whiskey!


With a strong tradition and centuries of experience, it is only natural for this country to be successful regarding whiskey production. In fact, regarding other spirit distillation, German Whiskey is still young, which makes their success even more surprising. Some German Whiskey Distilleries have already achieved remarkable advances, with high-quality spirits that compete directly with scotch and japanese whiskies, as well as irish and american whiskeys.

To make these advances possible, the experience of the German Whiskey distilleries was crucial. Before starting to produce whiskey, the distilleries on the list above already produced other kinds of spiritual beverages. That know-how led them to create unique expressions with character and giving them the authenticity that German whiskey needed to strive.

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