Togouchi 12 years – Japanese Whisky

Togouchi 12 years – japanese whisky

Togouchi 12 years – Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky is becoming more and more fashionable. With decades of history, adding to the quality comes now the fame. It’s not random that the Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible awarded a Japanese whisky not long ago. In fact, Japanese whisky history is almost centenary and so, having a long tradition in the whisky production, some distilleries deserve to stand out. One of them is the Togouchi distillery, responsible for producing several distillates, including whisky.


Togouchi Distillery

This distillery was founded almost 100 years ago, initially producing sake and shochu. Located in the heart of the most mountainous region, Hiroshima, this distillery is today one of the most listed in the Nippon territory. When distilleries like Suntory and Nikka began having success in whisky production, Togouchi also became interested in producing this beverage.


Japanese whisky produced in the Togouchi distillery has some specific characteristics that make their whiskies a unique tasting experience. Togouchi whisky is aged in cask barrels in an antique railway tunnel. The Chugoku Jozo company, holder of the Togouchi distillery, found in this place the perfect conditions for the aging of their whiskies.


Another feature of the Togouchi whisky lays in the fact that it’s made with malt grains from Canada and Scotland. Regardless the materials and ingredients in this whisky, the team responsible for its production is able to bestow the typical Japanese imprint. The Japanese whisky Togouchi 12 years is a great option between all the expressions made in this distillery, with a good value for money.


Togouchi 12 years – features

The japanese whisky Togouchi 12 years is not the most complex, but it is a honest whisky with some features that make it an excellent option for any whisky lover. In this whisky, can be felt an intense aroma, with floral notes. When you first drink, can be tasted the peat, as well as fruity and cereal flavor.


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