Jim Beam: The authentic taste of Kentucky

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Jim Beam: The authentic taste of Kentucky

Jim Beam is an American whiskey brand, that is based in Clermont, Kentucky. The brand was introduced in 1795 by Johannes Jakob Böhm, a German immigrant. The bourbon he produced was first sold under the name Old Jake Beam. Some decades later, Böhm’s son and his grandchild (who changed their names to “Beam”) started to run the company. They made a decision, that had a big impact on the success story of Jim Beam. They changed the location of the distillery and rebuilt it in Nelson County, close to a new railway. The company closed during the years of prohibition and reopened in 1933 in Clermont, Kentucky. Until today the company is being run by grandchildren of Johannes Jakob Böhm. Right now, Fred Noe is the CEO of the company. Since 2014 Jim Beam is part of the Japanese Suntory Brand, which is Japan’s biggest whiskey producer.


Whiskeys made in the USA

Jim Beam basically produces two kinds of whiskey: One is called Jim Beam or Old-Grand-Dad and the other one is made out of rye. Besides the great variety of whiskey expression Jim Beam also targets younger customers. Whiskeys with a lower percentage of alcohol, that come with various flavors such as cherry, cinnamon or maple were created for a different group of customers.

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A great variety of expressions:

  • Jim Beam Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey, ages for one year in white oak barrels, is being filtered after, extraordinary, transparent whiskey, that tastes like sweet cereals and a day at the seaside
  • Jim Beam White Label, the original from 1795, aged for four years in oak barrels, smooth tastes with hints of spice
  • Jim Beam Green Label, aged for five years and filtered with charcoal, smooth, smokey, the best choice for delicious bourbon cocktails
  • Jim Beam Black Label, complex and rich whiskey, comes with notes of butterscotch, sweet spice, fruits, cereals and fudge, long finish with aromas of oak and smoke
  • Jim Beam Yellow Label, whisky bible author Jim Murray loves this expression, it won the price for “best rye aged under 10 years” in 2010, bouquet that surprises you with caramel, nutmeg, spices and Italian maraschino cherries, warm flavors and long aftertaste, that reminds you of cherries, pepper and lemons
  • Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, woody and complex whiskey, is infused with whiskey from the wooden casks, is dominated by vanilla and oak, perfect choice, if you fancy sweet whiskey
  • Jim Beam Signature Craft, aged for 12 years in oak casks, sweet nose with aromas of honey, vanilla, cinnamon and smoke, sweet taste with flavors of marzipan, vanilla and maple, aftertaste lingers long in your mouth, comes with notes of vanilla and smoke
  • Jim Beam Signature Craft Quarter Cask, ages in smaller casks that infuse the whiskey with intense woody notes, sweet and soft palette that gives you a pleasant mouthfeel
  • Jim Beam Single Barrel, individually crafted bottles, that contain the master distiller’s signature, aromas of caramel, vanilla and oak, flavors of oak, toffee and nutmeg, medium length finish with hints of oak and cocoa
  • Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece, bouquet consists of sweet almonds, brown sugar, rye and woody aromas, soft and well-balanced whiskey with tasty notes of cooked fruits and caramelized sugar

Did you ever try any expression of Jim Beam? Or did you receive one in your whiskey subscription? Give it a shot during your next whiskey tasting and tell us your opinion! We are curios about your comments and mails!!!

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