How Does Whiskey Keeps You Fit

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How Does Whiskey Keeps You Fit

In the past 7 years the demand for whiskey has conveniently outdone its available supply. There is indeed enough evidence to prove that love for this amber hued booze has spread in recent times, making it a drink savored by not only the cowboys or the badass beings, but others as well.

Thanks to its notorious reputation, it’s a long established perception that too much alcohol is ruinous. But various studies now determine that when taken in moderation, whiskey can be in fact beneficial for our health.

Before you can contain your excitement, please read on to find more:


  1. Immunity Booster Providing Longevity

Owing to growing age, our bodily functions start weakening a little. This gradually causes the slow breakdown of some very important cells in the body.

This is when whiskey comes into view as an unanticipated savior. Loaded with healthy antioxidants, it helps prevent this process by strengthening our immune system and fostering our lifespan while combating the effects of aging.


  1. Weight Loss Tool

It is unfortunately a lesser known fact that whiskey is extremely low in saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium. Being a zero carb alcohol with fewer calories than beer or wine, whiskey wins hands down as a better choice of alcohol when you plan to keep that waistline in check and still have fun!


  1. Improves Digestion

Excessive consumption of anything is injurious to health. But when consumed in cautious manner, whiskey can help curb the appetite along with preventing indigestion and stomach aches.


  1. Diminished Chances Of Stroke

A study recently revealed that whiskey consumption (only in moderate amounts), has the ability to reduce the chances of experiencing strokes by 50%. HOW?

It may sound bewildering but it’s true. Whiskey decreases clotting of blood.  Blood clotting is important when one is wounded, since it prevents loss of extra blood. But if this clotting occurs internally at key junctures in blood vessels or arteries, it can block blood from the brain, leading to an ischemic stroke.

A shot of whiskey, twice a week or so helps eliminate these blood clots by supporting blockage free circulation of blood in the body.


  1. Fights Against Cancer

For those who don’t know, whiskey is stored and made to age in cask barrels. These barrels largely determine the quality and flavor of the whiskey. But that’s not all. It’s because of these beautiful wooden barrels, that whiskey gets the gift of ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant.

Ellagic acid inhibits body DNA from coming in contact with cancer causing compounds and considerably reduces the risk of formation of carcinogens, keeping cancer at bay!

Quick tip: To reap the maximum benefits out of this one, try sipping on single malt.


  1. Lowers Risk Of Dementia And Alzheimer’s

Whiskey can successfully boost your cognitive performance and lower the chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Ellagic acid found in whiskey neutralizes free radicals in the body that are responsible for a variety of diseases including heart diseases, alzheimer’s, premature aging etc.

Boosting an untroubled flow of blood to the brain and reducing formation of plaque that causes Alzheimer’s, whiskey sure is a toast worth being remembered.


  1. Promotes Heart Health And Increases HDL Cholesterol

Whiskey is a blood thinner. And is therefore, efficient in increasing the amount of HDL cholesterol, thereby counteracting the effects of LDL cholesterol.

No rewards for guessing that good cholesterol is synonymous with a healthy heart. The antioxidants present in whiskey aid in the prevention of coronary heart diseases.

However good the news mightbe, you can only benefit if you consume it once a week!


  1. Keeps A Check On Diabetes

Being radically low in sugar levels, whiskey has been astonishingly found to be able to reduce the chances of diabetes, by as much as 30%-40%.

Ellagic acid, the super power of whiskey, helps notably improve our bodies’ capacity to regulate insulin and glucose levels so that you can forget about your blood sugar level for a while and  enjoy your occasional trip to the bar, guilt-free!

Although whiskey is the healthiest form of alcohol available, it’s advisable to please be watchful and wise while indulging.

A toast anyone ?


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